• Jurassic Park Tour Brochure Prop Replica


    * Almost Out of Stock!

    This is the best reproduction of this brochure online. The price reflects 1 brochure ONLY.  A great collectible for any Jurassic Park fan. These were seen throughout the film (there is a stack on top of the night vision goggle case and at one point, Dr. Grant is holding one during the tour).  Occasionally, a production-made brochure will come up for auction and they go in the neighborhood of $1000.  This replica was made from a scan of that brochure, with all the artwork redrawn in vector format to be sharp and crisp.  There is a scan floating around online of this tour brochure, but it is seriously desaturated, and full of JPEG artifacts and moire lines.  This brochure is sharp, crisp and saturated, just like a commercial brochure you might get at an amusement park.

    There have been other replicas of this brochure online, but they are shrunken down and not accurate in size to the screen-used piece.
    Here are the features:
    1)  Totally redrawn brochure artwork in vector form, to be clean, crisp and saturated (not a low quality copy of a copy)
    2)  ACCURATE SIZE (8 1/4" x 3 3/4")
    3)  Commercial quality offset print
    4)  Machine folded.