Jurassic Park Collection Limited Edition Lithograph Set


The Jurassic Park Collection
Limited Edition Lithographs (Set of 9 Dinosaurs)
Only 7,500 made! Less than 1,750 sets remain for sale.

These last remaining original sets produced by Universal Studios in 1994 have never been sold to the public and are in perfect condition.

Every Limited Edition boxed set includes nine offset lithographic prints of the JURASSIC PARK Movie Dinosaurs, including:
Dilophosaurus / Baby Triceratops / Adult Triceratops / Brachiosaurus / Parasaurolophus /
Dilophosaurus (detail) / Gallimimus / Velociraptor / Tyrannosaurus Rex

Each print features concept art for the movie Jurassic Park and is plate-signed by Academy Award-Winning Special Effects Artist Stan Winston and Award-Winning Creature Designer Crash McCreery.

These beautiful 11" x 17" lithograph prints come complete with Certificate of Authenticity
and a handsome leatherette display case, embossed with a gold Jurassic Park logo.

Each lithograph and Certificate of Authenticity is hand-numbered between 5,500 and 7,500.
This is the perfect gift for Jurassic Park fans or anyone who's ever been fascinated by dinosaurs.
Serious collectors will be proud to frame these limited edition prints for display in a home or office.

Don't miss out on this chance to own a piece of motion picture history.
Get your Jurassic Park Collection before they become extinct!

"The Jurassic Park dinosaur models and drawings are without a doubt the most scientifically
accurate dinosaur restorations ever to appear in a motion picture."
Dr. James O. Farlow, Paleontologist, Professor of Geology, Indiana University at Fort Wayne

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